“Even more than the accuracy of line, it is the accuracy of light and ambiance that I consider to be most important. My very first exhibition was called ‘De l’air et de la lumière’ [Air and light] although I think all my exhibitions follow this same theme.”

As a nature-lover and great traveller, Philippe Dargent paints seashore scenes as well as more exotic destinations than the more familiar landscapes of his native Champagne. “The vineyards mark the pace of life in Champagne. We know these landscapes since our childhood, and yet they are always different depending on the light, the geographic region, the type of plantation… I find that water colours and the Champagne universe, with all its craftsmanship and knowledge, work well together. They mirror one another in a kind of timelessness.”

His work on the Champagne universe has been recently enriched with two pieces he recently illustrated at the request of author and oenophile Franck Wolfert. “Franck Wolfert’s hypothesises that there are, in fact, several Champagne regions given the number of different terroirs. It turns out that my watercolour work enables me to convey the atmospheres of these varied Champagnes, intrinsically related to the different areas and the people who live there.”

The images presented here have been taken from the following works: “Champagne, la fièvre créatrice” [Champagne, the creative flame], a testimonial of changes that have taken place in the sector, and “Champagne, expériences gastronomiques” [Champagne, gourmet experiences], which offers food/wine pairings.

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