Every day, until the contest on May 31st, find here the portrait of one of the eight candidates in the running for the 54th edition of the Taittinger – International Award for cuisine d’auteur. Today meet Maximilian Kindel, sous-chef at restaurant Facil (Berlin) and Germany’s representative.

Maximilian Kindel has worked as sous-chef at 2-Michelin starred restaurant Facil in Berlin since 2015. The restaurant was built in the new district that now spans the former area around the Berlin Wall. Maximilian knows this establishment well since it was here that he spent his apprenticeship in 2009. He continued his training with the Compagnons du Devoir, which took him to some of Germany’s finest addresses, such as restaurant Aqua by Sven Elverfeld of 3-star renown. His impeccable career path has enabled him to acquire many different techniques and a wealth of expertise. Maximilian is already familiar with the pressure of various competitions such as the San Pellegrino Young Chef and this year he returns to Le Taittinger once more having narrowly missed out on a podium spot during the last edition. He plans to open his own restaurant in the near future.


The 54th edition of ‘Le Taittinger’, international award for cuisine d’auteurs will take place in the kitchen of the Cordon Bleu Institute (Paris, 15th District).

The new emphasis of the award is centered on a single product which the candidates could prepare however they liked.

The subject revealed a few months earlier by the organizing committee of the International Award for cuisine d’auteur is the beef.

Each chef will thus have the opportunity to give free rein to his imagination, his culture and his inspirations to create a dish that resembles him – a real asset for the members of the jury during the tasting.

Called ‘imposed recipe’, the second part of the competition will be revealed to the candidates the evening before the Final. The young competitors will have one night to imagine a recipe.

Find more information on the Taittinger – International Signature Cuisine Prize here.

Photo © G.Bocle