Champagne is the result of an alchemy between the sky, the terroir, the sun and the people who will patiently shape the produce of their vines, month after month and year after year. 

We’re heading to Reims, to the Taittinger House’s winery. It’s here that the annual harvest is stored in huge vats, which go as far as the eye can see. In our previous episodes of “The Instant When”, we were there for harvesting season and the first vatting of the summer 2020 harvest. A particularly hot year. 

A few months later it’s time for the first tastings. At this stage, the clear wines – that’s their name – still don’t have any bubbles, but they do already have potential.

Potential that the House’s sharpest palates are able to analyse, deconstruct and understand. The Cellar Master Alexandre Ponnavoy has organised a tasting with Damien Le Sueur, Director, and Vitalie Taittinger, CEO of the House, to accompany them as they discover the future 2020 vintage.

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