In 2018, The Taittinger House turned to the talented Italian photographer Massimo Vitali, renowned for his large-format composition populated with numerous characters. With this artwork he produces a scenery full of poetry and life.

Massimo Vitali’s work is instantly recognizable at a glance. Shot from a distance, his large scale images stretching to the horizon, catch the eye with their milky light and the scattered groups of people they capture. Caught unawares in a moment of relaxation, these ordinary people – now the stars of his photos – take possession of  beaches, swimming pools, snowy slopes, squares or nightclubs. It is these cherished moments of leisure and enjoyment that are at the heart of his work. As long-time admirers of his work, the Taittinger House found the idea of a collaboration with an artist for the visual tone of its latest campaign all the more relevant. Both his artistic style as well as his predeliction for portraying moments of joy, happiness and celebration made Massimo Vitali the obvious choice for this project. This time the photographer’s lense is is not trained on holidaymakers, but on the whole Taittinger family in its entirety, not only those with blood ties but also the extended family belonging to the House that bears the Taittinger name. 

When sparkly rhymes with family…
Preparations for Le Cochelet are in full swing to celebrate the end of the harvest, everyone is busy and the place is buzzing with excitement . There are many spontaneous scenes of organized chaos, reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of a Brueghel painting. While everyone is at his or her post, cameo moments, as if taken on the fly, emerge among the myriad protagonists. The pleasure of tradition and sharing emerges from this sequence of details of a festival in the making. Family spirit takes centre stage and this is what the celebration is really all about.

In embracing Massimo Vitali’s aesthetic view, the Taittinger family has managed to place its narrative in the artist’s continuing body of work and vice versa.  And the harmonious encounter between such a symbolic event on the Champagne calendar and the work of this distinctive artist is characteristic of the unique aesthetic vision of the Taittinger family.

Text : Marie-Charlotte Burat