Maison Taittinger works alongside La Demeure Historique supporting private stakeholders to preserve and develop heritage sites in France. 

In three years’ time, La Demeure Historique will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary. A recognised Society Of Public Interest for over fifty years, it brings together owners of some 3,000 monuments – manors and castles, abbeys and priories, workshops and forges, private mansions, gardens and outstanding residences – nearly half of which welcome more than 9 million visitors each year.

As the management of a historic monument requires a large breadth of knowledge and a degree of technicality, the association is there to represent, support and provide its members with expertise through a network of experts who can provide advice on a wide variety of topics – whether it be works, taxation, employment law, safety and accessibility queries, or even tourist and economic activities.

La Demeure Historique has also tasked itself with raising the awareness of public authorities as to the need to preserve and enhance private heritage sites of historical and cultural interest, as a way of increasing the country’s appeal and supporting the economic development of the regions involved.

The preservation and transmission of heritage have always been two subjects dear to the heart of Maison Taittinger. Indeed, a few months ago, the House pledged to support the association in entering a new phase and rolling out its efforts on a larger scale. “It feels quite a natural progression for both La Demeure Historique and Maison Taittinger, says Armelle Verjat, Chief Delegate of La Demeure Historique. It seems a fairly obvious move. Not least because for both parties, first of all, knowledge is at the heart of the project. And then, in view of the recent takeover of the Champagne House by the Taittinger family, the idea of transmission also comes into play.”

Maison Taittinger’s involvement will allow La Demeure Historique to better support owners in developing their monuments both economically and from a tourism perspective. “They should now be considered as key players in the development of our regions. And to do this, we must focus on upskilling everyone involved and commit to working together in a spirit of sustainable development”, underlines Armelle Verjat. A charter has been drawn up for this purpose. Maison Taittinger’s involvement will also help put in motion an “ideas laboratory, again with the idea of transmission and raising the awareness of new generations in mind – the future owners and curators of this legacy”, continues the Chief Delegate. “It’s up to us to make them want it, to talk to them about the satisfaction it could bring them and about the role they could harness and make their own. In any region, a heritage site symbolises a trickle-down economy, which benefits everyone and which cannot be relocated”. 

The sharing of experience, training, the professionalisation of tourism marketing, the use of social networks and the professionalisation of managers all hinge on the support of two of the association’s sponsorship organisations, including Maison Taittinger, itself the owner of an exceptional building in the Château de la Marquetterie, a jewel of 18th century architecture. A conference is also planned for 2022 on this topic of transmission, a connecting point in this joint endeavour between Maison de Champagne Taittinger and La Demeure historique.

Texte : Cyrille Jouanno