Although we only hear about him one month of the year, Father Christmas is our friend. He wants the best for us and does everything in his power to place gifts around every Christmas tree to make us happy. Even if we don’t believe in him. Now, that’s clearly proof that he does exist. But if he exists, where does he live? 

There is no clear-cut answer to this simple question. Since he is famous worldwide and very popular, scores of regions claim he lives in their area in order to draw attention to themselves and take advantage of his popularity. The North Pole, the northernmost point on the planet, is proof in itself, at least according to the Canadians who claim to have authority over this area. According to the Danes, Greenland is the only place that can lay claim to being his official residence, mainly because this island is an (independent) part of their country. On the other hand, the Finns declare Lapland is his real bailiwick, calling attention to the small town of Savukoski where reindeer outnumber residents by ten to one. 

XXL logistics platform

So, who is telling the truth? Which of these regions does Father Christmas call home? Undoubtedly in the one place that offers all the facilities necessary for him to conduct his business. In other words: an available, inexpensive location for his production line and XXL logistics platform, far from any other residences so that he can work away from prying eyes and conflicts with neighbours; enough snow and cold weather to ensure his sleigh glides smoothly; and plenty of well-fed reindeer to be able to change out his team when necessary. It would seem that Lapland cannot be beat when it comes to reindeer. The North Pole and its 34 million kilometres of ice floes is perfect in terms of clear uninhabited space. Greenland also boasts vast expanses of land and temperatures as freezing cold as anyone could hope for. At least as long as global warming doesn’t jeopardise them any further. But not one of these three contenders meets all the conditions. Exhausted, we have to admit to not having made much progress.

His peace and quiet come first

To get to the bottom of it, we sent a letter straight to the man himself, knowing that no matter how we addressed the envelope, all mail intended for Father Christmas always makes it to his door. And here is the answer he sent: “I’m sorry not to be able to satisfy your curiosity. Please understand. I have no interest in my home becoming a target for paparazzi, tourists or the tax authorities. Look what happened to Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez, or all those stars in Hollywood looking for some peace far from Beverly Hills only to be invaded by hordes of open-air tour buses. To carry out my mission, I need to safeguard my peace and quiet, my good spirits… And the magic that makes it possible to craft and deliver all those packages on schedule. So, if you don’t want to upset me – with all the risks that might entail for continuity of service – please allow me to maintain secrecy… Ho! Ho! Ho!” Duly noted. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Text : Catherine Rivière