Every day, until the contest on May 31st, find here the portrait of one of the eight candidates in the running for the 54th edition of the Taittinger – International Award for cuisine d’auteur. Today meet Victor Moriez, chef at restaurant Valrose (Rougemont) and Switzerland’s representative.

Originally from Versailles, Victor has lived in Switzerland for many years after having travelled extensively, particularly through Canada. As a guitarist, it was his passion for music that first led him so far afield, and then, when he began working in restaurants, that a new passion was born. Victor was the long-standing Chef de Partie at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the world: the Hôtel de Ville in Crissier. Renowned as a place that supports the handing down of knowledge, last year Victor had the whole team behind him for his first attempt at the Taittinger. Today, he has joined forces with Benoit Carcenac — sous-chef to Benoit Violier in Crissier — to open a new establishment: the Valrose restaurant in the stunning Rougemont valley. Benoit will be right behind him as he competes for the Taittinger, having come second himself in the international final in 2010.


The 54th edition of ‘Le Taittinger’, international award for cuisine d’auteurs will take place in the kitchen of the Cordon Bleu Institute (Paris, 15th District).

The new emphasis of the award is centered on a single product which the candidates could prepare however they liked.

The subject revealed a few months earlier by the organizing committee of the International Award for cuisine d’auteur is the beef.

Each chef will thus have the opportunity to give free rein to his imagination, his culture and his inspirations to create a dish that resembles him – a real asset for the members of the jury during the tasting.

Called ‘imposed recipe’, the second part of the competition will be revealed to the candidates the evening before the Final. The young competitors will have one night to imagine a recipe.

Find more information on the Taittinger – International Signature Cuisine Prize here.

Photo © G.Bocle