Until the contest on January 31st, find here the portraits of the eight candidates running for the 55th edition of the ‘Taittinger’. Today meet Alexandre Vuillin, representing France. 

Heralding from a background of restaurant owners, Alexandre was in mainstream education until high school age, but changed course and returned to his roots after missing more practical work. Fast-forward to present day and he is working in the birthplace of French gastronomy: the Lyon region, and more specifically in a true institution, that of “La Pyramide”.

It was the first restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, run by Pierre Taittinger’s friend Fernand Point at the time. “La Pyramide” has trained the country’s leading chefs: Paul Bocuse, the Troisgros brothers and the Haeberlins. At the helm of the restaurant today is Patrick Henriroux, a Head Chef keen to uphold this tradition of training young chefs. Alexandre is thus in very capable hands and supported by his highly esteemed and experienced counterparts.

A temple of gourmet food, with elevated and seasonal produce. He brings his own special touch by seeking out the best combinations of produce to keep surprising customers, and hopes to finish in a strong position on the podium for his first competition appearance!

instagram @alex_vln

Photo : Gildas Boclé