Amandine Chaignot, chef of the Pouliche restaurant (11 Rue d’Enghien, Paris 10th), cultivates nostalgia and childhood memories by revisiting the traditional ‘candy apple’.


For 4 people

Almond cake
150g ground almonds
180g sugar
150g butter
4 eggs
65g flour
A pinch of salt

Apple confit
4 apples of your choice
200g grenadine syrup
250g double cream
80g sugared almonds
Edible flowers

Almond Cake :
Mix the softened butter with the sugar, beat thoroughly for two minutes and add the ground almonds. Add the eggs, a pinch of salt and the flour.
Transfer into a lined cake tin and bake at 170°C for around 25 minutes. Insert a knife to check for doneness.The knife blade should come out clean.
Leave to cool. Cut into 1/2cm slices into a round shape, using the diameter of the apple as a measure (approx. 6/8cm)

Apple confit :
Cut both sides of the apples without peeling. Core the apple and remove the pips with a deep, round apple corer.
Boil the grenadine syrup with 1 litre of water, then poach the apples for around 20 minutes until soft and slightly pink in colour. Drain and set aside at room temperature.

Whip the cream into stiff peaks and add the ground almonds.Top each round slice of almond cake with the caramelised apples, then garnish with the almond cream.
Sprinkle all over with flower petals and slices of fresh apple.

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